make yourself comfortable

This is the very first picture I took in Prague. This is the cab that took us to Movenpick Hotel. Apparently it is relaxing to have your body chopped in half by the door of this cab, but we just rode in the back seat the old-fashioned way.

I find it odd that English is so pervasive in countries that don't speak English. I think it may aggravate the feeling that USA is pushy and invasive. When it is actually probably usually a marketing decision made by the advertiser in that country. The People feel like Americanism is being shoved down their throat, and it is - but not by Americans!

To be continued...

(ps - to answer Benny's question from yesterday's post, NO, our layover in Amsterdam was only an hour both ways! Try Northwest next time. Our flying experience was quite hassle-free and comfortable!)


Benny said...

It was Northwest we were on.

So much for my theory.

SRBissette said...

No, I think it's more that Europeans are by and large multilingual and multicultural, Mark, and Americans seem by contrast so insular and egocentric, knowing only ONE language, for instance, and knowing/caring little about the world outside of the US. Now that you're a world traveler, my friend, you're among the comparatively lucky few!

Enjoying the pics and comments, keep 'em coming and rest up.