toi toi

This is the second photo I took. I took it while Brigham and I were walking around the neighborhood trying to get oriented and acclimated. This is when I knew I'd love Prague. How can you not love a city where construction workers have a nice clean toi toi to use? Even better, as Brigham pointed out, "a toi toi with a heart over the i!"

I won't be posting every single Prague pic, but I'll try to stay in chronological order. I know that's not important to you, Dear Reader, but it's important to me.

I'll also be posting more art and comics etc too. But not this week. Jet lag and all that.

In other news: JR sent us this link. At least go and see what it is. You don't have to watch the whole thing if you don't want to.


Jed said...

It's true, these guys do indeed, rock, but they can't compare to my favorite Japanese Queen cover band, Kween!

I never go to concerts, but I would so pay to see these guys!

HemlockMan said...

" don't have to watch the whole thing..."

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Don't worry about that.

I've been told that Finnish is one of the toughest languages on Earth to learn if you aren't raised admidst it. The lady who cuts my hair is Finnish and speaks with what I would describe as a Norwegian accent. I'd been led to believe the languages of those two nations were not similar in any way, but you can't tell it by the accents they use when speaking English.