musee des jouets

I don't know if these guys are traditionally Prague. They may have been made in Ohio for all I know. I just think they are awesome, and I wanted to steal them so bad!

Prague has a great toy museum. The first floor alone is well worth the price of admission, and they also have a SECOND FLOOR for traveling exhibits. Unfortunately, right now the second floor is full of over 1,000 Barbie dolls and Barbie dollhouses and other Barbie junk. We didn't even go look. Sigh.

Brigham took tons of beautiful pics of the statues and architecture and Charles Bridge and all of that. I may put them up on flickr, but probably won't find the time or make the time. Just image search Prague for a taste of the billion trillion statues and arches and spires and cobblestones.


HemlockMan said...

Barbies. Gah!

Have you ever seen the Earring Magic Ken doll?

My nephew, who works for Defense Intelligence Agency, was in Prague not long after the Soviet Union fell. While he was there, he bought me a totally cool Communist Party wristwatch. It's neat to look at, but it doesn't work well. Heh.

eeTeeD said...

no need to steal. sculptor rick can make all you want.

greg said...

Just ran across this, for any Milt Gross fans: