New Michael Hall art!!!

Benny said...

Here's a new Michael Hall I got from the Studio By the Tracks benefit, "Art from the Heart."
I love his extensive knowledge of copyright dates.
That old "person" who was so ugly to you about her "precious comic" could take a lesson from Michael!


I have a million things to say about this, but I only have time for two:

1. I had no idea TED KNIGHT did cartoon voices, until I learned it from Michael Hall's bottomless trough of DC Superhero trivia! But I can just imagine him doing the over-the-top "manly" voice on crappy Saturday morning superhero cartoons! And speaking of Ted Knight, if you don't already have this Ted Knight classic, go get it now.

2. BENNY! I wonder if you could print out a copy of the Super Secret Mystery Mighty Marvel Value Final Stamp page, in color, on good paper, and get MICHAEL HALL to paint a Most Powerful Being on it! Wouldn't that be supremely multi-layered? You could "comission" it! And own the original historic painting! Doesn't the whole idea make your scalp tingle? Gosh, I hope the fact that it's a MARVEL thing does not kill the deal! Seems like Michael is exclusively into DC comics - or am I misremembering that?

3. OK, one more! I just figured out what that weird yellow shape is! It must be a SUBMARINE! (???) Did the cartoon Aquaman live in a Yellow Submarine?


SRBissette said...

Of course he did! I mean, the lyric is, "We ALL live in a Yellow Submarine..." and that includes Aquaman, too!

Benny said...

Let's do the Michael Hall thing!

Right NOW!

Jed said...

That Ted Night Thing made me feel slimed.

HemlockMan said...

I couldn't listen to the Ted Knight thing. I tried...but I just couldn't.

His voice sounds remarkably like that of Jack Burns--the guy who took over from Don Knotts on the Andy Griffith Show, and who teamed with Avery Schreiber for their taxi-driver thang.

Which makes me'd Burns and Knight both manage to find work at the same time?

Colin Tedford said...

I like to think it's an underwater-scooter.

SRBissette said...

Scooter, submarine -- it's all the same Yellow experience!

Ted Knight has a cameo at the end of PSYCHO that used to crack up audiences in the '70s and '80s, when THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW was still on TV and in syndication. He's the cop guarding the door to the cell Anthony Perkins (now absorbed completely by Mom's personality) is held in; he opens the door for another cop delivering a blanket, and gives an oh-so-Ted-Knight look in the door. It was a meaningless look in 1960, but was guaranteed to provoke laughter once Knight was a TV star, and blow the end of PSYCHO for a generation.

Just thought I'd share that li'l Ted story.

greg said...

Did it look anything like this?