ah, much better

I still have to add some highlights to the toolbox and do some cleanup, but already it is a million times better. It's so easy to get lost in a painting when you're working on it! I gotta pay more attention.

And then there's this: It's so weird how your brain can lock up. I actually HATE green acrylics! The physical makeup of the pigment or something is so uncooperative. Dark greens are thin and runny or thick and shiny, light greens are chalky, and it's practically impossible to get a good large solid area. And all this time I've been dreading that green toolbox! My mind was locked onto that green toolbox because my grandfather had a green toolbox. Ergo, toolboxes are green! It never even occurred to me that it could possibly be anything but green - even though the TYPICAL toolbox that you see all around you every day is red!

Something about Jed's green vs red comment made the clouds part on that one. So this whole feedback experience has been a useful tool for a change, and not just a public fan dance.



Jed said...

Glad I could help! It's good to have another set of eyes sometimes. I belong to this private illustrators forum where I get a lot of invaluable advice of this nature. If that interests you I can give you an invite. Fair warning: most of these people are in their 20s, but disgustingly talented nonetheless.

You know, just staring at a color wheel isn't a bad excercise. Hanging one up in your studio and spacing out on it every so often can be inspirational. Through osmosis you gain an unconscious awareneness about compliments and analagous color schemes. And split compliments. It's a good no brain reminder when you get stuck for color. It doesn't really behoove you to just ignore this kind of stuff and hope it works out for the best. Generally you seem to have an awesome color sense, but why work harder?

Have you thought about going mixed media? If you hate green acrylic, green guache might make you happier. It goes on like creamy skippy peanut butter, smooth and flat. It's also pretty vibrant. You don't have to give up your acrylics--the two are very compatable, as long as you don't use gloss medium.

Jed said...

I think the red tool box will work better in general, since it's a continuity thing, and red is such a potent color--it will stand out against anything!

greg said...

Definitely better. Jed really seems to know his stuff when it comes to color... I recall his advice to eeteed regarding his (eeteed's) comic book cover, and it was spot on.

Not that I'm an expert, I just know that when I pay closer attention to color theory, my art turns out a lot better (at least to my eye). And your toolbox painting also seems to be proof of it. Those few color changes made a big difference!