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This could be interesting or useful to somebody out there. Here are two of the reference scenes I built for Sculptor Rick to use when he did the storyboard sketches for the video game. I just do image searches, grab rooms, walls, furniture, etc and move it all around in photoshop. God bless the transform tool!

Jed said -
So...are these books (Fred books) commercially available? What's the story? As in, will they be available in a borders near me, or are you still shopping them around?

me -
Still shopping. Actually, I have barely even BEGUN shopping. I want to have more to show before I show. Believe me, if it was already a done deal there would not be any of this "if and when" stuff! It would take top priority front and center.

I'll go ahead and tell you my top secret plan. What the hell, it's not like my enemies will steal my idea and beat me to it. I'm looking around outside of USA. I've been to New York City a few years ago - tough nut to crack. I want to talk to some publishers in other countries, see what happens...


kneelsen said...

That's funny.
I was updating my site last night and I added this image.
click on 1st pencil thumbnail.
Unfortunately, I messed up something with links between the 2 illustration sections so please ignore that snaffoo if you try to look further.

Voice0Reason said...

Oh jeez, MM is off-shoring his publishing, letting American publishers starve while some Chinese publishing sweatshop cranks out MM books tainted with lead and melamine and ethylene glycol and who knows what else!!!

Don't you know that every time an American comic book artist publishes a book overseas, George Bush breaks down and CRIES!?!? (In a manly, leaderful way, of course!)

Benny said...

I like the backgrounds for Fred.
They look European.
Were you influenced by Prague?

slatts said...

Nice work on those rooms...I imagine I could "put somebody" in them....