incognito in prague

I'm currently reading The Know-It-All. I encountered a passage about René Descartes' fetish for cross-eyed women. The author speculates on how hard it must have been for Descartes to indulge his fetish at the time, and how easy it must be now, what with a group for every imagineable fetish on the internet. Naturally this sent me to google, where I discovered this Infinitely Improbable Story about Prague!

"I hadn’t been to Prague for about 10 years before I made my secret trip to the city in summer 2004. There are two reasons why it can be called a secret trip: First, several of my friends and members of my family live in the city; second, I wanted to wear strong glasses for a few days in the city. To understand the latter reason it is to say I am really obsessed with strong glasses."

Read on!


Kabinky is not the act, but the location. Kabinky is the private stall (or cabinet).

today's photo

Brigham took this photo in one of Prague's magnificent libraries. Probably the most magnificent, as it was pretty darn magnificent! But I did not go with him, and am not sure of the name...

not prague-related

eeTeeD's never-ending quest to make the world agree with him led me to this post about Famous Studios cartoons, via a comment here. I have to admit my eyes were opened. I always thought of Famous Studios cartoons as lame and tame. I'm not sure if I've ever even seen the toons these stills are pulled from. I had no idea Baby Huey and Herman et al were so Itchy & Scratchy violent!

Also thanks eeTeeD for the link to this comic that is similar in tone to my Dooky comic. It's eerie to remember reading this is a jaded old fart, while reading all these kids commenting about how it warped them as a child.


dogboy443 said...

...and Pisoar? Does it refer to a wall mounted ceramic basin for relieving one's bladder?

That's too bad about the real meaning of kabinky. I used it all weekend refering to the act and not the location.


eeTeeD said...

what did you eat while in prague?
what did you drink while in prague?

i would be very worried about getting sick from local foods and beverages in a foreign country.

HemlockMan said...

I like the theme of the KNOW IT ALL book. Because I read so voraciously and so widely and with no directon whatsoever, I have this vast knowledge of what amounts to trivia. In conversation I will mention some little-known fact about the subject. What this generally does is piss off the people I'm talking to. So I've had to learn to back the hell off and keep this stuff to myself.

Whut th' HAIL is that thing in the photo Brigham took? It looks like the dried-up husk of some kind of stingray (which are closely related to sharks, but generally harmless, unless you're Steve Irwin, and oh dear I'm at it again).

Anonymous said...

that is so intresting. I was in Prague too but I have to tell I have never been to any public restroom there.
PS non of the computer is free

Benny said...

Your new masthead is everything you said it was!
And it's everything I said it was.
Just like "the Illuminati" in Dan Browne's book.

You are so cool.

You know I still have one of your real old drawings of a double thing like that.
I think it's a pauper on one side and a king on the other, or something like that. I should dig it out.

Meanwhile, has Brigham seen the cover of the new Shins CD?
Have you?