eeTeeD asked about the food in Prague. It's just like the food here for the most part. They have all kinds of cuisine, Mexican, Chinese, etc. The traditional Czech meal looks gross and I never tried it. Call me sissy. I might try it some other time, but I did not feel adventurous in that way on this trip. Homeland Security took away my Mylanta because it was over 3 ounces!

So anyway... Has the internet turned into the CB radio of the 21st century?


BonzoGal said...

That's a big 10-4, good buddy. Catch you on the flip side, we gone, bye bye.

greg said...

I like the ambigram at the top of your blog... but at first I thought it said "shaberays"

HemlockMan said...

"So anyway... Has the internet turned into the CB radio of the 21st century?"

Too late for that. The internet has already lasted about ten times longer than the CB craze.

When we were flying back from Maine, Homeland Security took away the three ounce bottle of blueberry jam my wife had in her carry-on. But they allowed the three ounce bottle of maple syrup she had in there. Both were gifts she'd bought for a co-worker. She had to leave the jam, but got to keep the syrup. Go figure.

Benny said...

I didn't know the name.
Now I do, because of this great thing called the "worldwide web".

Benny said...

Sorry for SO MANY separate replies. Combine them if you wish!

Okay, I've been thinking about it.
The internet, particularly this blog and others like it, is much like the CB radio.
People kind of jump in and listen to each other. Or they can dial to another "channel" and listen and talk to other people.

The internet just made it easier to "hone in" on the kind of people you want to CB with.

We're all riding through life in different vehicles, but through this new magic, we don't even have to be traveling together to CB with each other.

thanks for letting us hang around at the Jabberous Truck Stop.

dogboy443 said...

Brown meat floating in brown gravy with tan bread soaking up the brown gravy accompnaied by a staring red eye. Pass the Pepto please...that's just gross. Eat any of that and you'll be in the Kabinky in record time.

The Other Mark M.

SRBissette said...

Quelle Poutine!


Kurt Benbenek said...

The NYTimes reviews Czech food!