food and fred

Batman Export!
More Prague food.

New Improved Fred!

Here's old unsatisfactory Fred.

I can't work on Buddy McNutty OR the wacky gross-out cards until I get the go-ahead, so over the weekend I dragged out my children's books re-formatted one and updated it and revised it and completely changed Fred and I hope to start cranking out paintings soon, if I can squeeze any in when the dam breaks. That's right, I said PAINTINGS! The Mighty Marvel Value Stamp Book helped me conquer my fear of painting! Thank you, House of Ideas! EXCELSIOR!


HemlockMan said...

"Lots of ketchup!"

That was good. It reminded me of the single funniest Pogo line I can recall. A tiny beetle had eaten a huge bag of doughnuts and I can't recall who asked, but the question was:

"How did you eat that whole bag of doughnuts?"

And the tiny, teensy-weensy beetle says:

"I chewed it up reeeeeeal fine."

SRBissette said...

Well, Marvel finally did SOMETHING right, then.

Mark Landman said...

I STILL like "Wabbit" a lot! Why, oh why, is dreck like "Cathy" still fouling my morning newspaper when I could be reading "Wabbit"?

(Uh, BTW, that's a rhetorical question really, I don't want to start a deluge of bitter analysis of the syndication/newspaper comics thing and the general public's taste, I know they're both awful...)

eeTeeD said...

fred went from a frog in his pj's to a dog in day clothes?
why the drastic change?

Mark Martin said...

The frog is just too slapstick wacky nutty, and too much like Monty Wart. The pup will be wacky nutty too, not always as subdued and precious as the two sketches. But he won't be so in your face raw.

These are picture books for little kids. They'll have "Art Appeal" or whatever the term is that I am grasping for (I hope!) but I mostly want them to be little kid-friendly.

Benny said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that Fred was now a dog.

By the way, you KNOW I would have eaten everything there.

Mark Martin said...

Well I did eat some BATMAN grapes! And some strawberries. The fruit from the street vendors and little shops was SUPAH-FRESH!