life's funny that way

At the beginning of the summer, some sorry terrorist vandal ruined my wooden bead yard art. At the END of the summer I get a fresh supply of wooden beads and 3 great children's books at a tag sale, all for $1! And if that stinking ratsoup bastard vandal is reading this, I'd just like you to know there are lots more beads in that can. It looks empty but there are more in it. I should have shaken them down to the opening of the can, but I'm not going to go take the picture over again just to prove it to YOU, you no account shoeless eggsucking monkey.

Hey guess what. I'm not doing that big video game design project and I couldn't be happier. Those folks were in a mad panic to finish all this artwork by December but couldn't give me a final script or game plan but wanted me to go ahead and start on it and commit to a flat fee and the payday really was not that great (quantity yes, quality no) and it was work for hire and I don't like video games anyway. Is this typical for video game production, you commit to a flat fee without knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into? Anybody know? That's CRAZY! I told them I don't work that way, man.

The good news is I can work on Fred and actually have a life for the next two months. Today I'm working on a mobius strip Teeny Weeny comic for Nick Mag. You cut it out and twist it into a mobius strip and the comic goes on FOREVER! How cool is that!

As that crazy lunatic Bissette likes to say -

Have a great Saturday
One and All!


Jed said...

Hi Mark. I got burned. Check out my blog for details. Player Magazine sucks monkey toes.

eeTeeD said...

too late. i had a crummy saturday. wish i had read your instructions sooner.

HemlockMan said...

Those damned video game producers! What a bunch of ripoffs! Walk away from them, man! Walk away!

(Did they leave you any contact information you could send this way? Since you're walking and all...)

eeTeeD said...

hurry, hurry.... and you can be just like mr. martin!

(but someone hogged most of the purple ones)

dogboy443 said...

-SNIFF- I missed out assisting on the big video game gig. Damn! Love me, remember me. I am the Other Mark M!!!!


SRBissette said...

Ah, the heck with the video game idiots and screw the zine that wasted Jed's time -- in my own blissful corner of the world, I haven't been paid by Marvel yet, either, for an intro writing gig I completed July 2 (ahead of deadline!). Goes to show my '99 decision to carve out some other way of earning my keep was the right thing to do.

What is it with these people? I've particularly lost any/all patience with those who take THEIR paychecks home every Friday and think nothing of doling out this kind of treatment.

James said...

Who could have cut the beads?

Benny said...

You are the COOLEST, Pumpie!
When I first saw one, I thought I was gonna "freak out", and I was only, like, NINE years old!
Imagine the "trippiness" of all that?

Nature and science are cooler than contrivance anyday.