the pusher!

Here's a panel from the upcoming Teeny Weeny mobius strip comic.

HemlockMan said...
Those damned video game producers! What a bunch of ripoffs! Walk away from them, man! Walk away! (Did they leave you any contact information you could send this way? Since you're walking and all...)

Well, here's the deal, pickled tomato man: The freelance WRITER (who is not employed by the video game company) pulled me in on that job and he's a great guy. So I'd feel bad about introducing another writer to that company. If not for that, I'd probably ask them if they'd like to meet you. But I wouldn't give out their info without asking them first.


James said...

"Push HARDER, Teeny?"

Oh yeah, give it to me baby, wham bam, I like your buns.

And this is a children's character?

You make me sick!

eeTeeD said...

the mobius idea is very clever. i've never seen it done before. it's too bad that record players are no longer used, or the next step could be to make a teeny weeny zoetrope.

HemlockMan said...

That was...I say, that was a JOKE son! Listen to me, boy! A little levity, suh! Humor...I say, humor, son! (Kid's balloon's slightly deflated, I think.)

I was kidding. You described something akin to a horror story (working for a heartless corporation), so I responded with a "sign me up!". I guess this is why I don't write comedy. (Not intentionally, anyway.)