more techneeky geeky stuff

FRED IS DONE! The first painting anyway. Will the others ever get done? Let's just say I'm "motivated". No, seriously - I have some out-of-left-field ideas on how to actually get this thing actually finished and published.

I did not get by the office to scan a mid-way scan of the painting. I kinda wish I did because it looks a lot different today than it did yesterday. But I just did not have any other reason to drive all the way to the scanner. So screw it.

I'll post it tomorrow. Today I will post this sketch from one of the other Fred books, "Easter Egg Fred".


Here's the more techneeky geeky stuff. I figured out how to download free mp3 editing software! So I can just record all of my old tape compilations as long mp3s, each 45 minute side of the tape being one big mp3. Then I can chop the songs apart with this Audacity program. Which is much easier than manually doing it on the tape deck. I'm sure this is old news to some folks, but it's a major breakthrough for me!

To celebrate, let's all dance to "How's Your Whole... Family?" by Red Peters!


eeTeeD said...

glad to see you approaching your work with such enthusiasm.

Jed said...

So...are these books commercially available? What's the story? As in, will they be available in a borders near me, or are you still shopping them around?

And this song is soo wrong I can't begin to...oh never mind. Jeez.