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This is for Greg and anybody else who finds this techneek stuff interesting.

When I'm happy with the design of the page and the blue mashup pencils, I turn the mashup over and scribble all over the areas that have information on the mashup side.

I tape that to the illustration board and trace the pencils. I use a red ballpoint pen so I can easily see where I have traced over the pencils. The ball point is a hard stylus, so it makes a good impression and transfers the pencil scribblings onto the board well. And as you can see, I continue to refine. The mat in front of the doorway behind Fred was not centered, stuff like that...

Wa-LAH! Ready to paint.


linka dinka doo!

To put your mind at ease, it's good to know where the bathrooms are.

The Curtain is now lifting on The Compassionate Trickster Experimental Juju Mystery School .

The award winning bananaguard!


Still working on stuff I can talk about but not really show yet. Sculptor Rick and I just finished some storyboard scenes for a video game (mostly Sculptor Rick on that one). And we are probably about to embark on finished art for the back-story surrounding a game for Nintendo DS (mostly me on that one).

Mixed emotions! I hate video games! I think they totally went off in the wrong direction after Mario Brothers. However, this next job is pretty cool and I can design the characters and have fun with it. On the OTHER hand it's work for hire. On the OTHER other hand, the money is good. On the fourth hand, I WON'T BE WORKING ON FRED if I get this job!!!

Oh well, why fight it. There's gold in them there binary digits. And I'm running out of other hands. Maybe I'll develop connections and inroads into the field and sell a blogopera video game that will go viral in absurdly populous India!

Another reason to thank heaven for work floods: I don't have time to jabber about politics and give some politically extreme friends the thrashing they are begging for!


Jed said...

Carbon Transfer Paper. Use this stuff, and you won't get all those dashy lines with your transfer. It's cheap if you get the architect carpenter kind. Don't get the artist's kind cuz it's a rip off.

SRBissette said...

That's a lot of other hands, you grabby guy. Great seeing your process, Mark, thanks for sharing!

greg said...

Yeah, thanks Mark and jed! I'll have to give it a shot sometime, as opposed to my usual light-box method.