fred pencil stage

This was actually done about a week ago, but logistics prevented me posting it. I'll try to post a "halfway" pic of the painting, for the curious. But it may just be a finished pic. The logistics problem is I don't have a scanner at home.
Here's a Prague pic. Brigham caught this one. He said it's actually a pretty swanky hotel.

Here's yet another strange fetish site I stumbled across. I hit this one while doing an image search for "woman seated on ground".


greg said...

Nice insight into your method. Looks awesome.

Also, regarding the one-shoe fetish site: is it as hot if a woman just forgot to put on the second shoe? Or does she have to originally have both on and lose one?

HemlockMan said...

I hope the hotel concierge doesn't initial doctor's notes.

Jed said...

Are you doing this whole Fred book start to finish on spec? This is very brave considering the children's book market, but I believe in you Mark Martin!

And now that I'm posting here, does this mean you'll no longer be visiting my blog, Eeteed? It gets lonely over there. Come on, I know how much you miss me...