I am so touched by Michael Hall's Most Powerful Being - words fail me.

shawn pero said (re Fred)... I also like the use of photo backgrounds - they are modified/photocopied photos?
For the blueline mock-ups, yeah, I just take found photos and mush them around in photoshop. And so far I only have two "master" Freds that I nudge around in photoshop. These bluelines are just to give me enough skeleton to build on.

eeTeeD said (re The World's Greatest Cook)... btw, why didn't mrs. martin go on the vacation to prague?
Lots of reasons, but the main one is that it's just easier if somebody stays here and feeds the dogs etc. We're (mrs. m and me) thinking of going in October 2008.


eeTeeD said...

this should interest the creator of GnatRat


Mark Martin said...

Oh Dear God! Yet another Unsung Hero of Comicdom screwed out of his Rightful Fame by a Lying Egotistical Bastard!

eeTeeD said...

not quite. it's long been known that batman creator bill finger swiped the very very first batman story from a shadow pulp story.
the shadow story was recently discovered, and this site provides a very interesting side by side comparison of the two stories.

but it is true true that bob kane was a "Lying Egotistical Bastard" who "screwed" many creators.

Jed said...

My favorite Kane story:

I'm not sure of the source) A cartoonist friend of Kane's went to visit him, and said for the sake of conversation, "you used to draw so well (lying), why don't you draw any more?"

Kane, in response, took him into his studio and showed him a room full of mediocre clown paintings, reminiscient of the ones done by Red Buttons, and he said, "this is my legacy to the art world",or something deluded along these lines.

Later the cartoonist heard that Kane was being sued by one of his ghosts. The cartoonist was surprised, and said, "Shelly Muldoff? But I thought they had a pretty good arrangement."

The punchline: "no, it wasn't Muldoff, it's the guy who does the clowns."