oh, so THAT's it!

A message from Jim:


eeTeeD said...
this brings up a question...do you get any DIRECT benefits from actively upkeeping and maintaining your blog? obviously you get the indirect benefit of keeping in touch with your fans, and getting their praise and support. there is also the indirect benefit that it you’re “honing” your craft, and keeping up on modern technology. but do you DIRECTLY benefit from all this work? does your sleek spiffy markmartin.net bring in gigs? or is it just a labor of love? and if it is just a labor of love, why hasn’t the world’s greatest cook conked you on the head with her fry pan?

This kind of dovetails with the hardass vs pushover jabber over at Jed's. I look at the big picture, think long term. And I try not to look at every transaction as an island. To be honest I can't think of one single gig that happened simply because somebody discovered my website or my blog. But it helps to have a presence. It's a cumulative effect. The weirdest things you do can can turn out to be an influence on people who affect your life years later.

I think there is a LOT of love labor in it. I am clearly not a shrewd business operator, never have been, never will be. But I don't go out to strip clubs, don't go hunting, don't own a motorcycle or a muscle car or a boat. Being an artist and a workaholic has caused tension in the marriage in the past, but things tend to mellow out over time. I don't fear the fry pan anymore.

Lou Smith reminds us all to head out to the WFMU Free Music Series and LCD Release Party Saturday night. If you are able to go, tell Lou I said hello! And Irwin. And Bronwyn. And oh just everybody.


Benny said...

I like your comment that "no transaction is an island". That is so true. It's the cumulative effect that matters. And to me, the labor of love is almost as rewarding as the cash labor. If they're interspersed properly, all is cool!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to gut this deer that's on the hood of my muscle truck and head down to "The Boobie Bungalow" for several boilermakers.

SRBissette said...

Mark, my blog has landed Marge and I a trip to Denmark, and I've landed a few writing gigs because of it. But it's primarily a labor of love and a great morning exercise to limber up with daily.

"No transaction is an island" is the most profound thing you've ever committed to text -- I'm going to share that one with my students... with all due credit to you, natch.