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Here are 3 more discarded banner ideas (previously mentioned here). But fear not, we do have a WINNER! And just as soon as Chris and Dave start blogging about all things comics, I'll let you know so you can go look at it.

Hey, how about that world wide web! Who knew there was an ambigram blog in Singapore! And how did they glom onto my challenge so fast? It's all happening so FAST, I'm just all a-whirl!

So far, Greg has accepted (what a trooper that guy is!), and has suggestions for broadening the challenge. Nagfa has not accepted, but has invited ME to accept THEIR challenge. I'll try to sort it all out soon, but it may be a couple of weeks from now because I'm getting on a plane tomorrow and GOING TO BENNY'S!!!

Postings will be scarce for the next 2 weeks.


HemlockMan said...

I only sometimes blog about comics.

Part-time comics blog!

Some-of-the-time comics blog!

Comics arent't all that important to me blog!

Occasionally I blog about comics blog!

SRBissette said...

What, you and Benny can't BLOG together? What the f -- ??

Howdy out to Ben, I miss him. Gawd, I miss Ben. Ben, Ben, where are you???

eeTeeD said...

while you have a merry old time with benny, we continue to do without the peanut comic.

how long will we be denied?

slatts said...

I don't even wanna enter the arena with such pros. Who likes taking such a beating?