I meant to include this in yesterday's post! A halloween treat for you. Feel free to download this awesome song in all of its shitty degenerated quality. Or go here and buy the 45! You'll never hear backup girls sing a prettier "killing for satan"! Super belated thanks to Steve Bissette for sending me this marvel over 20 years ago.

BONUS! Guaranteed to make eeTeeD scoff and insist you watch some unfairly ignored cartoon instead! If you cannot take it, we advise you to look away from the screen!


Ambigram Smackdown! If you accept, we'll both agree on the word to be ambigrammed at that time, so neither has a chance to cheat! Better yet, we'll get a third party to come up with the word.

Any takers?


greg said...

I'll give it a shot. But I think you should take on as many challengers as accept the challenge in a specified amount of time (since I've never actually made an ambigram, I may fail miserably), then have a third party come up with the word.

What does the winner get?

greg said...

Also, on that Satan's Sadists promo, they sure did allow for some slow-ass readers.

eeTeeD said...

1) still waiting to hear about your halloween.

2) here's one for you...


watch it with the sound off, as something seems to be out of synch. despite the trouble, it is worth watching, and only one day late!

Mark Martin said...

The World's Greatest Cook is bookkeeper for a local brewpub (northamptonbrewery.com). Every year they have a big Halloween bash. That's where I was last night, crammed into a brew pub like sardines with a billion people young enough to be my offspring. Except for the very few who were not. There were some great costumes there, but I went civilian. No time this year to do a costume. I had a pretty bad headache, and I can't hear very well in a crowded pub with loud booming music. Otherwise I probably would have had a good time. Last year I actually had fun, which is hard for me to do in a crowded pub with loud booming music. Northampton is an interesting town. Last year TWGC and I got a kick out of watching the drooling pervert watch the sexy go-go girls (a Brewery Halloween tradition). This year there were "stone butch" lesbians pawing the glass (or whatever the current vernacular is for manly girls). That's about all I have to report. We did not stay very late. OK, that concludes my Halloween adventure.

nagfa said...


about the ambigram challenge, we are glad to invite you tou our own ambigram challenge (NAC: nagfa ambigram challenge). it was started last year and had seen about ten challenges so far, which includes word, phrases and theme. we even had John Langdon giving a challenge word once! If you like the challenge and seeing your design amongst other designs from artists from around the world, you may visit us.

anyway, the phrase for this month is 'living the dream' OR 'slaving for my dreams'.

salam (peace)

greg said...

Hmmm... the ambigrams on her blog are pretty humbling: nagfa.blogspot.com

HemlockMan said...

"Killing for Satan"??!!

Someone wrote a song about W. Moron Bush 20 years ago!!??

Colin Tedford said...

What a fantastic song!

Jed said...

This guy is super good at these things:


And will make one for you for 100 bucks!

greg said...

He is good, jed, but it took me a little hunting to find the samples... your link was incomplete. Here it is with the sidebar included: super good ambigrams

BonzoGal said...

I am helling it like it is, baby!