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OH!!! NOW I see where Bissette snuck "CuntiRice" into his DorkyDunstons!

Lemme splain this one more time. If you want to call Condi Rice or anybody else a cunt in my comments go for it! I'm not the kind of guy who'll reject that. How could you get such an idea? If you want to cuss out people I admire, please, be my guest! Let Freed On Bring! (That's what I thought the song said when I was a kid.)

The post that I deleted many many months ago called Condi a n***er. That is just a word that is so hurtful to so many people, I deleted the comment. If that person had commented about John Lennon's "Woman Is The Nigger of the World" I could see it. But just to nastily call Condi that word - hey, it's my blog and I don't have to put up with it.

OK, the SECOND time I rejected a comment, I'll go ahead and splain that too. THAT comment was from an internet loony who latches onto blogs and BOMBARDS them with self-serving comments about HIS website, to the point of madness. He must have some kind of mental problem. There used to be a really great link exchange thing on the web where you go discover tons of cool stuff. But this guy bombarded it so bad the site owner finally had to kill it.

I just did not want that guy's foot in my door.

THERE! The truth is out and abundantly clear, I hope. Any questions? Just ask?

PS - Hey bonzogal, somebody else musta recommended the FAN MAN to you. I never heard of it before. But will try to check it out.

I'm off to Quechee!



HemlockMan said...

The old "N" word. Yes, it's dangerous.

An attention troll. You killt it!

May I say what great job you do with this blog!


Anonymous said...

Is "Condi could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, but I still wouldn't let her near my dick" acceptable?

Mark Martin said...

anon: No, I would not call that "acceptable" even if you had the balls to sign your name.

BonzoGal said...

What, Fan Man wasn't one of your recommendations? Hmmm. Maybe not, but it seems like the kind of book you'd recommend, so I hereby recommend it to YOU.

After reading all the comments submitted in the last couple of days, I now have the King Kong cartoon theme song stuck in my haid.

JR said...

I don't think it's appropriate to make nasty remarks about Condi.

What does she do again?

SRBissette said...

OK, cool -- but why did you so relentlessly tear into my blog comment threads when the 'moderate' function came on by accident back in '06? That's the hypocrisy I don't get. And if I were barraged with either of the things you've described, I'd do the same, and will if necessary.

Mark Martin said...

Because you are Mr. The Gauntlet!

It's so fun to pick on you!

Now get your panties unbunched and GO ARREST BUSH!

SRBissette said...

I tried, but whena I got there, he no there. He's-a in da Middle East, pickin' fights. So, I go to Brattleboro to find Arsenault, but he-a no there either. So, I drive to Quechee to see you, but guess-a what: you no there, too. So, I go back to arrest Bush, but guess-a what: he still in da Middle East, and da Secret Service arrest-a me! Now, I'm-a in a secret prison in Milan. But-a you know the old song, "Dis land is your-a land, dis land is Milan -- " Ha ha ha ha, I love-a dat story!