Must be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius or something! The fur is flying like a shitty King Kong movie in a blender!

OK, so I go out to meet The Other Mark M last night, and his first PSD of grunt work looks great, and we're rocking and rolling and everything's hunky dory. TODAY the call comes in from HQ - "HOLD EVERYTHING! And I don't mean for a minute, I mean forEVER!"

The TOP SECRET PROJECT is dead! I guess that's all I can say, legally. I'll get paid for the fabulous work that I did that they were loving to death, but the intrigues of Corporate America have clanged the DEATH BELL and America's Youth will never have the chance to witness these visions and blow their minds. It's all so tragic. My heart weeps for America's Youth!

But hey, here's something sweet that came of it all. That new jabberous masthead up there. By The Other Mark M! See, I have a touch of that strange affliction where I can't recognize faces if I have not been in contact with the person for a long time. Seriously. So I told TOMM not to be offended if I walked by him at the mall. But he said "Don't worry, I'll put a jabberous sign on the table." And he actually DID! And not just one of those hand-scrawled things like the limo drivers hold up at the airport. No, it was this awesome vision designed and executed by TOMM, mounted on black presentation board, with a little stand and everything! Ain't it purty!

I think he said the font is called "bleeding cowboy"? I can't find it here, but if you like it, or any other cool TOMM fonts here, talk to him. Maybe he'll sell you a font or something.

And what the bejeebus is Bissette railing about here? He's not well, folks, forgive him.

Dear Steve: Whatever it is that I supposedly censored, please re-post. I haven't touched a post since the infamous two. Blogger may have mangled something, but not me. What was it anyway? Are there only 98 "Dorky Dunstons" instead of 99? I'll be up at Quechee Gorge tomorrow (01-11-08). If you're in your booth by any chance we'll sort this out like gentlemen - I'll slap your New York Times out of your mitts and you'll cry like a girl!


Mark Martin said...

Oops. Make that 01-12-08. I'll be in Quechee oh one TWELVE oh eight

Benny said...

wow! The new masthead is beautiful, TOMM!

Pumpie, I hate the corporate bastards.
But you will get paid! Your little girl foot will heal. Bissette will badger you till the death. And THE HOBBIT will be fantastic!

SRBissette said...

Hey, Mark, you'll be at Quechee? To eat? Just you, or you and -- ?

Let me know.

Heh heh, you didn't change anything. My sneaky subliminal messages are still in place. Condi is writhing in ricy hell, but only I know.

Mark MassiveTell, the new logo is exquisite. You should replace this Martin moron, since you liked Kong.

Pumpie, ignore the above. Except the Quechee part. And you'll have to tell me all about the SECRET PROJECT. I'll keep your secret.

But not my own...

SRBissette said...

As for THE HOBBIT, we'll see, Benny, we'll see. My fave Jackson film remains FORGOTTEN SILVER; that'll be the one to top.

slatts said...

now that I just figured out what the "top secret" job is, it gets deep-sixed!


Makes me wanna put a turd in THEIR hot dog bun!

HemlockMan said...

"See, I have a touch of that strange affliction where I can't recognize faces if I have not been in contact with the person for a long time."

You, too!!?? We're soulmates, dude! (Well, 'cept for the Condi thang.)

dogboy443 said...

I'm crying in my Cherry Coke Zero. I was so nervous about even touching any of MM's work, but he seemed happy. To bad no one will ever know.

Mark MassiveTell. I like it SRB.

King Kong with Jeff Bridges and Chas Grodin. Sucked.

King Kong Lives with Linda Hamilton. Sucked.

King Kong v Godzilla. Loved that one.

But nothing beats the Holy Ape Trinity of Kong, Son of & Mighty JY.

Queeche? My home away from home. Make sure you clean out the Bissette booth except for Marge's pillows.

SRBissette said...

Sniff -- Marge is so heartbroken about that pillow. NOBODY wants to buy Marge's pillow! It's so sad. If I ever get paid again in this lifetime, I may buy the pillow, just so it looks to Marge like it got bought.