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I have a few minutes to kill. I'm about to go out and swap CDs with The Other Mark M. He's doing some grunt work on the TOP SECRET PROJECT. God bless him! I'll meet that deadline yet! Februaray 21! It's almost here!!!

All of this means that Sculptor Rick is doing 99% of the art on Buddy McNutty #2, which is once again in production, knock wood.

Poor old Everything over at panel-to-panel... I tried to just kill it, but John won't take it down. Damn his faith in me!!! So this weekend I'm FINALLY going to put something on there. I'll post a link if/when it actually happens.

Teeny Weeny is going to visit the offices of Nickelodeon in his very own fumetti fotocomic! That's in production...

Why Bissette has lost his mind:

If you just go look at the December comments, you're not really getting the meat of the matter. This Dunston thing goes way back to 2005 and Peter Jackson's King Kong movie. Bissette went googoo for that awful movie and wrote encyclopedic volumes of drooling praise for it on MyRant. I was concerned about his mental health! So I told him to go find a DECENT monkey movie, like Dunston Checks In! It was compassionate conservatism X-treme on display! I'm always thinking of others!

As time went by, whenever he would go off the deep end about some super-lame movie or start having cows about Condi, I'd gently (OK, sometimes forcefully) recommend that he watch Dunston. You know, stop and smell the coffee! Chill out etc.

I think he saw my generous overtures as a threat, and has decided to fight fire with fire.

What else? I gotta go in a minute. OH! The toe! I walked into one of the metal bars that is the base of the - uh - I can't remember the brand name, but it's an exercise thing down in the rec room. I really smashed that toe good!

OK, I gotta post this and go. More news to come. Maybe.


Benny said...

WHAT?? You HATED King Kong?
It was GREAT, Pumpie! GREAT!
I was "mesmerized" the whole time, and really felt the "love" between ape and woman.
You amaze me.

Now, if you had REALLY wanted to direct Stevie to a coupla great "monkey" films, may I recommend the "which way but loose" series with Clit Eastwood and the Orangutan.

Stop and smell the rosy red monkey butt.

Mark Martin said...

I swear to God I can't tell if Benny is kidding or serious.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I am totally serious. King Kong sucks.

WHERE ARE eeTeeD and JED on this? And speaking of eeTeeD - last Sunday's SIMPSONS was effing fantastic! You don't know what you're missing, eeT. But you just go right ahead and watch your "anime".

I also cracked up AGAIN last night when I saw the rerun where Homer and Bart are in a coma from watching billion-channel satellite TV and Marge has to insert the slice of Pie into Homer's comatose piehole and she says "Would you like ice cream with that?" and Homer looks at her, obviously insulted, and declares "Me no pig!"


Benny said...

I'm serious. I loved King Kong.
But I love the Simpsons more.
Me no pig.

dogboy443 said...

I loved King Kong too. It is not a perfect movie. It does drag out and there are probably a few extra Bronto's we could trim out of the flesh-smacking Bronto-Avalanche. I did like the look of the movie and in the theatre...the spacial effect of being on the top of the Empire State building literally made me woozy...and if I'm being attacked by large, ravenous bugs, please don't try shooting them off of my cotch with a Thompson (not Fred) machine gun.

Thank you
The Other Mark M.

kneelsen said...

I really, really wanted to love King Kong but I couldn't.
I don't hate it but am disappointed that no one slapped Peter Jackson upside the head in the editing room.
A classic case of a powerful director surrounding himself with"yes people".

That bug scene is an amazing waste of time and money. If I owned the DVD I would skip that scene EVERY time!

He totally blows the story when Ann and Kong are on the Empire State building. Where the hell is Jack? Is he looking for Ann? Calling out the troops? Nothing. He just pops up again when Kong is dead.

I probably won't have time to watch another movie until somthing like May.
I can't wait for Hellboy 2!!!

greg said...

Peter Jackson's King Kong rulz. A huge ape fighting multiple dinosaurs for the love of a woman. Go primates! Down with giant reptiles!

There were also a lot of things wrong with it... a LOT of things... but there were too many cool things to hate it for that.

BonzoGal said...

Last Sunday's Simpsons slayed me. All the dipthongs who keep saying that the show "jumped the shark" are ever so wrong. And the movie was pretty fab, too.

Ooh! Movie recommendations: Bender's Big Score, and PAPRIKA! Both amazing animated films on DVD. I don't much like anime, but Paprika was stunning.

Jed said...

Paprika LOOKED awesome, but I think it was just a little bit of a mess--I wish they ditched the sci-fi business altogether, and I'm tired of the cute, baby-voiced, ever-pleasing Japanese ingenue. Otherwise, it's a definite slurpy for the eyes.

For kick-ass anime with a unique look (no big eye) check out Tekkon Kinkreet! Now that rocks the house!

I never said Simpsons "jumped the shark"--I think all I really copped to there was that it was a writer focused show, which is not by definition, bad. And I don't have TV so I'm still watching old Simpsons. I saw the movie though, which was like an hour and half long good episode of the Simpsons, which is better than an hour and half long bad episode of the Simpsons.

Ehem--King Kong. As usual, there was the Hollywood tendency to overdo the CGI thing just because they can--you want dinosaur? Here's 10 dinosaurs! You want Hobbit holes? Here's a whole Thomas Kinkade CGified rainbow of Hobbit holes. I found the whole mess headache inducing.

However--suspend your cynicism and compassionate whatevism for just a moment, and let us revel in Andy CIrkus' motion captured performance. That man can play ape like nobody's business! Set aside forced endearing goobiness, and give credit where credit is do--Jackson was the first to actually make the ape a character and not just a special effect. As a movie, sure, Jackson has caught James Cameronitis, and the thing is a big overinflated mess in desperate need of a rewrite and re-editing and rethinking all together. But don't throw the Cirkus out with the bathwater! That performance was at least 90% Cirkus, and very believable.

Ha ha "right turn Clyde!" that was hilarious. At least when I was 9 years old. And you gotta love Ruth Gordon no matter what.

And damn you blogger! They seem to have made it just a little harder to leave comments.

slatts said...

Lemme get this straight....

You were exercising in your bare feet and you smashed a toe against a metal bar?


You were stumbling around in the rec. room --in your bare feet-- and smashed your toe on one of those "exercise-things" )that are always in the way)?


You were wrecked at a bar and your toe got smashed?

JR said...

I think you made that up. You claim you smashed your foot - your bare foot - into an "exercise thing." Uh huh.

What really happened? Were you at work after hours trying on new footwear, and wedged your feet into a pair of stiletto heel pumps that were too small?

SRBissette said...

I love every KING KONG. Even the Toho ones. I also liked Dunston. And I loved both Eastwood/Clyde the orangutan movies. And I have an amazing collection of DVDs and vids of lame-ass guys-in-ape-suits movies (WHITE PONGO is a classic of the genre) and Silver Age gorilla-on-the-cover comics.

I wrote a long, multi-part post about what worked and what DIDN'T work in Jackson's KONG, which stretched Mark's wee attention span and prompted the Dunston posts, which he wields on my (completely uncensored) comment threads whenever I bore Mark. Which is, like, often.

I love movies. ALL movies. I've only ever walked out of TWO (TENTACLES and a XXX pirate/amputee porno movie I can't remember the title of that I fled from a 42nd St theater back in 1979). If it's on a screen and moves, I love it. Pumpie hates lots of movies. We disagree.

And Condi is a -- well, I won't bait Mark. But she is. You know. That bad 'c' word Brits love to call their male mates but Americans are terrified of using. She's that thing. It's like a clam, or quim or something. That.

And Mark, your toe still looks awfully girlie.

SRBissette said...

BTW, folks, Mark censored one of my comments on the 1/6/08 post.

And he thinks he's soooooooo right about Kong and Dunston.

These things are linked, you know.

HemlockMan said...


I totally agree with you. The Peter Jackson version of KING KONG sucks total baboon ass! It is absolutely horrid in just about every way I could list. It sucked on a monumental level that could only have been achieved by an insane bastard with unlimited funds and no self-control. Jackson made a mess with that movie and all but ass-raped the original vision in doing so.

I'm just happy we still have the Willis O'Brien original to watch to cleanse my brain cells of that hideous monstrosity lensed by Peter (Ass-Wipe) Jackson.

Benny said...

I love to see all you Jabberees "whipped into a froth".

Stevie, I'm with you. I like most all the movies I see, too. Just the fact that somebody went to the massive amount of trouble it is to make one, that's a "C" right there.

They showed "Tentacles" on Sci Fi one night, and Jean and I had a blast running it down. But WE DIDN'T TURN IT OFF.

SRBissette said...

Benny, I own TENTACLES and have since watched it all the way through. It was just as dreadful as I feared -- I walked out in the late '70s 'cuz (a) I couldn't stand listening to Shelley Winters any longer, (b) it was too embarrassing to see John Huston in it, and (c) I knew all they were ever going to show of the octopus was that phoney-baloney plastic eyeball.

I walked out of the pirate amputee XXX sex pic cuz I couldn't stand any more stump rubbing and moaning amid the 40-foot-screen fornicating.

But I had a grand time with KONG, all of 'em. I especially love KING KONG ESCAPES, with the robot Kong and the buck-toothed Dr. No and those giant plastic eyelids on glassy-eyed Kong. And when Queen Kong gives birth in KING KONG LIVES, I wept with joy. And Mark and Bob wonder why I love Jackson's Kong? Hell, it was a blast! The battle with the mutant T. rexes was a hoot, and that alone was worth laying my money down more than once. The bug pit was a hoot.

And how about the Rankin/Bass cartoon? "King Kong, you know the name of King -- Kong, you know the fame of King -- KONG, Ten TIMES as big as a MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!"

Kong didn't have no girly-toes, you betchum.