principal plopper

Dogboy did the flat color on this one. Then the hammer came down! Of all the dumb luck! But that's okay because we have other things to do now.

If this had ever gone to finish:

The sign in the entry behind Principal Plopper would say "BOYS" and have an arrow pointing left.

the stink cloud drifting from Ploppy back into the restroom would have been disgustingly psychedelic.

The toilet paper on his shoe would be nasty and the floors and walls in general would look grungier

The trophies and plaques in the trophy cabinet would be for stuff like "Stinkiest Hallways", "Fart Club", "Lowest Lunchroom Health Score" etc

I did not realize until after I inked it how much this looks like Fred Thompson.


greg said...

The drawing in this one is great as usual, but with the others having much more action in them, it seems very flat by comparison... maybe a more extreme angle would help. Like with camera at floor level looking through a fish-eye lens, so the toilet paper foot right in your face and everything else stems from that and recedes in space.

But the job is kaput, so what am I talking about.

dogboy443 said...

If he looks like Thompson, which he does, then the cute little blonde next to him could be his underage wife. Really, look closely. She could actually be his daughter she's so young.

HemlockMan said...

"She could actually be his daughter she's so young."

Just like Thompson's wife! Er, nurse. Er, wife.