everything #5

SherRat Holmes


1. The alleged crazy Religious Right guy mentioned in this post never contacted me, nor did my friend tell me how to contact the RR guy. So I still do not know if he exists. The RR guy, that is. My friend does exist. I'm sure of that.

2. Bissette asked me to explain, exactly, what I was saying here. So I did.


eeTeeD said...

lame political squabbles... we get.

lame novelty items... we get.

an update on the peanut comic... still waiting.

kneelsen said...

Peanut comic update was in Fabric Fun 3. Here it is: (Also they were supposed to get back to us this past Friday and of course did not so the frustration continues!!

kneelsen said...
Peanut comic!!

"Involuntary eye twitch starts as increasing blood pressure threatens to blow artist's head off!"

Nothing is happening at the moment.
We're back to long gaps in communication. :(

8:24 AM

eeTeeD said...

ah, thanks. i'm still surprised that they didn't want a february publication.