fabric fun 4

Happy Valentine's Day! Click to embiggen.

BONZOGAL! Was the lid of your grandparents' terlet 13" diameter, or has my terlet cozy shrunk, or what?

TOMORROW: Everything #5


BonzoGal said...

My grandparent's terlet was pretty old and small, so yeah, probably 13". Like I said, it was originally an outhouse (with plumbing to a septic tank) that got attached to the house later. There was not only a lid cover, there was a cloth seat cover (ick!) because during the winter it was freezing cold out there.

(This was in Ukiah, up in Mendocino County, CA. My uncle intherited the house and the terlet is still exactly the same, minus the cool seat cover.)

Jed said...

Ah, gender role fun!

My favorites are those old romance comics that subtly imply that if you don't keep a clean house and do your best to look sexy and thin your husband's inevitably going to screw around, and it'll be your own darn fault! Wait, I think that's called: Cosmo. Also see: Jerry Springer.

molly said...

This towel is depressing my inner child. If I cry on the towel, do I feel better? Or do I have yet another towel to wash?

I'm looking for this saying: "My husband's a mysogynist creep; In he goes! Six feet deep!"

HemlockMan said...

That towel sucks.