fabric fun 3

Goodbye Cruel World 2.
Humor Classics!

Tomorrow: Valentine Special


HemlockMan said...

Well worth 50 cents!!!

BonzoGal said...

My grandparents (mom's 'rents) had one of these in their terlet, which was a former outhouse that was connected to the rest of the house by a long hallway they built in between the two. When I was a kid that long hallway creeped me out, but that terlet seat cover always cracked me up, so the journey was worth it.

dogboy443 said...

Very unpolitically incorrect for the work place. Where can I get one???

eeTeeD said...

we want updates on the peanut comic!

kneelsen said...

Peanut comic!!

"Involuntary eye twitch starts as increasing blood pressure threatens to blow artist's head off!"

Nothing is happening at the moment.
We're back to long gaps in communication. :(