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Jed said...

Are these latest everythings color roughs, colored pencil roughs, or finished illos?

Mark Martin said...

Roughs, not finished art

Mostly drawn with black prismacolor or ink, scanned and toned in photoshop

Jed said...

Sorry for asking so many questions, but just a little context: Is this image a self-contained page of art, or part of a page with a sequence of drawings, sort of like comics? I ask because you've drawn a little frame around both images.

How do you intend to present this? Are the finishes going to be painted, and are you including a painted finish among the roughs, or are you going to computer color the whole business?

Who are you presenting it to? Is this going to be an unsolicited submission?

Getting into the Children's book biz is so intensely competitive now, I'm just curious how you're going about it. Me and everybody else--including every friend or relative who ever asked you to "illustrate their children's book" would love to get in on the act, but it seems like a total up hill battle, and having a background in comics, from what I hear, is no help at all.