slim pickins

The magickal egg.

Jabberee Mike said he has a hankerin for turkey stories, true or bullshit. Anybody got one? I got one! If you got one too, send it in this week and I'll post them all together. We'll make a little turkey tale anthology! Yeah right. We'll see. Jed said he's been flexing his writing bone, maybe he'll send one.

You can send them here as a comment (which I'll save, instead of posting right away) or you can send to lasagna. There's ONE PERSON OUT THERE who I am challenging to write me a turkey tale, and you know who you are! You can stay totally anon if you prefer - I'll post yours as "anon", scout's honor! Come on, make me proud!

Oh yeah, you too, hemlockman. Don't gimme that "too busy" crap. TURKEYS, man! RAPTORS! How can you refuse???

And Mike. Don't wimp out. You started it!


BonzoGal said...

True stories or fiction?

Mark Martin said...

Wow, bonzo, you usually pay attention so well! You may have to write an extra report!

"true or bullshit"

In the exact words of Mr Lemos: "So now I wanna hear some turkey stories, real or made up I don't care...."

BonzoGal said...

Oh... er, uh... I didn't know what that word, "bullshit" meant... er...

It's because I'm so distracted by this Super Tuesday! My Hill-Hill is running like mad today!

I'm a turkey!

mike said...

Turkey, lets see, turkey, turkey story, OK I's be workin' on it.....

Uh, can I use a stapler Mr. Martin?

HemlockMan said...

Whoops! I just read this post! I've been so busy!

Hm. I have encountered wild turkeys several times in my wilderness wandering and hikes. But they've been pretty tame. The encounters, not the turkeys.