SWG swag!

Calling all Star Wars Geeks and Friends of SWG! Sculptor Rick is selling off RCTA Brigham Martin's lifetime collection of SW crap! It will take several auctions - this is just a sample of all the cool junk that is going up for sale. So keep your eyes on ebay seller kneelsen and BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! Just look at these stats! Itchy Bum is happy, and you can be too! Tell all your action figure collecting homeys!


kneelsen said...

It gets even better!
itchy_bum is from Australia.
I'll bet you're really impressed now.

Seriously, what kind of person has that as their username???

HemlockMan said...

By the Twelve Gods!

I used to sell the utter HAIL out of that Star Wars crap. I would always be totally amazed at what fans would pay me for that stuff. And people who would walk into my shop with their old toys would be amazed at what I'd pay for the crap that had been crowding their closets and basements and attics and trunks. Ah, the big ever-turning swastika of collectibles.