comics prose

I still have no way to scan art, so here is a true-life toon in prose:

panel one:
Slightly older cockney woman walking down street approaches Pumpie, wipes brow and frets "Phew! It's gon' ta bay a SCORCHER ta-day!"

panel two:
Pumpie: "Yeah, I'm actually waiting to catch a bus across the street, but I'm waiting over here on the wrong side to get out of the sun and stay in the shade!"

panel three:
woman (looks disgusted): "Well, don't MOAN about it!"

panel four:
Pumpie (confused by sudden turn of events): "Excuse me?"
woman (looks "bossy" as she walks on by): "Don't MOAN about the sun!"

final panel:
Pumpie (thinking); "If you weren't an older woman and I wasn't timid, I'd tell you you're either very rude or very crazy!"

(end of comic)

Fun facts:

They give you a little "biscuit" with your coffee here!

The internet cafe computers all have headphones and little cameras! If I was SAVVY, I bet I could draw and PHOTOGRAPH the above comic and blog it here!

Most stores here play that horrid "dance mix" music!

The only thing worse than that dance mix music is FRENCH dance mix music!

I'm out of time on this computer! Goodbye, American friends!


slatts said...

by jove!

Have a bloody good time!

y'all come back now y'hear?

Marc Arsenault said...

hot tip of the day. Epson has a clearance section on their website. You can get a refurbished GT-15000 (a just amazing tabloid size flat bed) fully warrantied at about half the price.

HemlockMan said...

You're in Europe. I got to go to Florida. Now I have to go back to work today.

Something's not right.