it's like 1-900-pumpie!

but it's FREE!

What's happening in MY world right NOW! I'm sitting at the bar with my new "mates" while the hotel gets my room ready (late checker-outers!) and using my new buddy the receptionist's laptop. When I catch a break, I'll post how NOT to go on cross-the-water bookselling tour, but also HOW TO not sit on your butt waiting for the world to knock on your door.

The email this place sent me says get off the train and catch bus 180 to the hotel. I got off the train and sat down at the bus stop for about 5 minutes. I looked across the street and THERE'S THE HOTEL! What the ??? Does the bus take you across the street? I saved my money and walked! I'll have to ask my new mates what's up. Maybe they'll PAY ME for rectifying this error in their directions!

OK gotta go - see ya!


Kerfuffle said...

Alrighty then.....What the heck is with that new, and more than slightly annoying, rating thing that Blogspot has just installed??

I thought for sure that once I lost the staring contest and voted, that the darn thing would just go away, but no, it stares on, not fitting for some strange reason, and so having those ugly scroll arrows....Oh the horror!! Someone make it stop!!!!

Mark Martin said...

I can't see a new annoying rating thing.
But there's a sign above this Western Union / i-cafe that offers "MONEY TRANSFER TO NIGERIA". How convenient is that?!? WHAT A COUNTRY!

SRBissette said...

You can renew your love-fest with those email Nigerian phishermen, Mark!

Hey, pick up some Brit DVDs for me and a few Scottish ones for the Dobbs household, would ye?