final UK post

This is it, the last of my interesting UK pics. I have 280 more nice pics but they're all typical tourist stuff, beautiful architecture and countryside, that sort of thing. Which is interesting, but not jabberous.

Here's a founding father of Chester UK. With a pigeon pooping on his head.

Nice pantaloons!

Here is the public toilet in the park where the statue stands. Check out those faux marble ceramic urinals and the brass plumbing. It's always a pleasant surprise to encounter a public toilet that is not a hellhole.

In closing, I must say I agree more with eeTeeD than hemlockman. I don't think the British are any more smart or cultured or sane than Americans.

As for the kids' books - not much more to report really. The thing that actually may be happening (eventually) is children's COMICS. Like my Nickelodeon work, not like a true children's book. Which is cool, just an unexpected result from this endeavor. I'll still persue the books, but more comics are on the front burner right now.


HemlockMan said...

No books? Alas! What is the world coming to?

Kerfuffle said...

All I can say is that my life must have been missing the sight of spiffy urinals, because I somehow feel much more fulfilled now ;-)

MORE highclass urinal photos dammit!!

Jed said...

Are these comics in magazine form, or long form books AKA "graphic novels"?

dogboy443 said...

And comics means color work...which means I may finally get to color your work!

eeTeeD said...

so what you are saying is that mark martin will be making comics that we will not get to see (because they will be ublished over in england).