This is my new friend the "monk". When did Hare Krsna devotees start referring to themselves as monks? Anyway, he taught me to say "Gourangi" which means "Be happy!" Then he hit me up for a donation, so I gave him whatever I had in my pocket that was smaller than 50p. Then, LATER, I saw him again and this time The World's Greatest Cook was with me, so I told him I'd give him a pound if he'd pose with me. Then he gave me a nice hardcover Krsna book because we were such nice friends! I tore out the pretty paintings and threw the rest of the book in the trash. Hey, I really DO appreciate the paintings, but you know how it is when you are traveling - you have to jettison as much unnecessary weight as possible!

I am having a real hard time collecting my thoughts for any kind of coherent report on the book-selling thing. Especially since things are still happening, "in flux" as they say. And I'm still fighting deadlines etc.

I may just give up on the whole "coherent" angle and start posting rambling babble.

How about an outline?

WHO: me
WHAT: trotted out my kids' books to some publishers again
WHEN: first half of May
WHERE: London
WHY: (a) A few months ago it APPEARED that one of my wells was running dry. (b) I had frustrating chunks of free time, due to an ever-on-hold large project. (c) I WANT TO HAVE A LEGITIMATE CHILDREN'S BOOK PUBLISHED BEFORE I DIE!!! (d) I wanted to see what kind of success I'd have with this sort of thing outside the USA (e) I can claim it as a business expense on my taxes.

OK. Now that I have that groundwork freshly re-stated, I'll try to build on it. TOMORROW!

Here's another pic that sort of dovetails with the Gourangi guy (both on the subject of religion). I took this pic of the guestbook in the lobby of the Anglican Church in Chester.


SRBissette said...

Welcome home, Mark!

Yow, tearing pages out of books -- there's a small circle in hell for those folks!

molly said...

Yeah, way to treat your new friend! "I'll just 'abridge' that cumbersome book down to the pretty pictures!"

What's going on under your shirt? Unruly chest hair? Torn out book pages?

Mark Martin said...

Travel wallet! Greatest thing I ever bought! I'm anal retentive, and constantly worry and check my back pocket when traveling. With the wallet right there hanging around my neck, no more worries!

It looks dorky as hell, but I'm not trying to pick up chicks or land a sales job.

Jed said...

I LOVE the paintings in those Hari Krishna books. They're so intricate! I bought one of those books from a Hari Krishna once, and after I bought it he made this wicked laugh, and said something to the effect that he had a bridge that he could sell me too. It was really odd. It seemed very un-Hari Krishna like of him.

HemlockMan said...

Oog. I can't stand to see a book torn apart. Written in, okay. Destroyed...nah.

A church that asks for money?!!! I never heard of such!!!!

BonzoGal said...

I rip up travel guides (to carry the pertinent pages with me and leave the rest behind- they get dated fast) and textbooks (so I can carry the chapters I need to study on the shuttle to work). I've also ripped up "free box" books for art projects.

SRBissette said...

To quote WILLARD: "TEAR 'EM UP!"

HemlockMan said...