I have a reason for all these "black velvet" things. I'm working on something that is such in-a-rut drudgery I will go mad if I don't take little breaks and do something different. Mad I tell you! It's not a great reason. But it's MINE!

Jaberees Roundup! Fall in!

The Poetry Man!

Jed sent me some info to post, then he said no, wait, don't. So I'll just say Blue Kid will be on Top Shelf 2.0 - uh - someday soon I guess.

Dogboy is working on this comic adaptation proposal for hemlockman's novel. It's getting downright incestuous around here!

All for today. Gotta get busy...


HemlockMan said...

Ah, the magic of the Internet!

Looks like novel #2 is almost a done deal. Just a little more waiting. Oy.

Mark Martin said...


Mark Martin said...

this is from JED:

For some reason your site wouldn't let me post.

Here's my post:

I wrote MM real early in the morning after being awake
for a very long time and wasn't sure what I wrote
exactly and got nervous.

So anyway...I'm still not sure when The Blue Kid will
be on Top Shelf 2.0. They said: send it to them when I
finish the first arc, and I just have a couple of
pages to color and I'm done with that part. Then I
suppose they'll rotate it in with the other features
and let me know.

Huh? Whah?

The Blue Kid is a Harold and the Purple Crayon, Winnie
the Poohesque children's comic (at least that's how I
see it--maybe add just a little Edward Gorey) that I
was posting on my blog for a while. So that's what
that is. I sent it to Top Shelf and they said they
would post it on their site. I'm excited.

I recently did another cover for our local free weekly
(that's why I was up so late). There's a story that
goes along with that but I'll just save it for my
blog. I can't post it because I signed something that
says I can't post it till they put it on their site.
It came out pretty good. I live near Sacramento and
the cover is of our esteemed gubernator,
Schwarzenegger. Looks just like him. Honest.

Also I lost 30 lbs recently with the power of exercise
and eating less. Yesterday I was carrying this bag of
dog food that weighed 20 lbs. It was heavy. I used to
weigh 10 lbs more than that. I apparently lost an
enormous amount of weight. I'm very proud.

The end.

Mark Martin said...


I think it was just too damn LONG (wuusy blogger!)

Here's the rest from JED:

Shout outs:

Dogboy: Awesome dinosaur! (Do you still call them that
when they have beaks?) I was also liking the
Battlestar Galactica but now it is currently sucking.
In the beginning credits they used to say "and they
have a plan". I don't think they do. There are
fist-sized holes in the plot, and the metaphysical
stuff is getting on my nerves. Edward James Almos is
knocking himself out though! Too bad it jumped the

Benny: Rio looks gorgeous! I'm envious!

(nope - still too much... - ed.)

Mark Martin said...

JED part 3:

Eteed: congrats on the new comic! I want one!

Janet: Like the recent drawing with the baby
carriage--also, UFO House is awesome! I want to live

Hemlockman: Good luck with the new book!

Mike Dobbs: Good luck with the new book!

Mark Martin said...


Those little symbols you put around your signatory "phew" thing at the end! They were flipping blogger out because they are html code things, and weren't doing what html code things normally do...

Mark Martin said...

So, like, that's why your "phew" thing is missing at the end of part 3...

and I spelled wussy wrong...

Benny said...

I liked the spelling of "wuusy." It's more like "woosee," which is a great way to pronounce it.

Why does "vacuum" have two "u"s?

Never got that one.
The way we pronounce it down here is more like "vack-yume" anyway, which would be "vacume".