more jabberees!

hemlockman must be out tromping around in the woods. He never posted my poem, so let's visit him later. Let's drop in on Mikey and eeTeeD today!

eeTeeD has a new comic out! I just got it, and strangely enough it has a little pig in it - just like today's galleree art! (Yes, that's a pig... with a long tail...) eeTeeD is apparently following the Jandek method of non-promotion again. He sent me several copies, plus envelopes and postage. No letter enclosed, so I assume it's the same deal as last time - if you want one, let me know! Send me your address. While they last. Standard comic book dimensions, full color, 8 pages.

Mikey Dobbs' new postcard history of Springfield can be ordered here and is due out in August. He is NOT following the Jandek method. BUY BUY BUY!!! What's not to love about old postcards? And if you're from Western Mass, even better! If you're NOT from Western Mass, pretend it's a SIMPSONS book! If you hate the Simpsons, I give up. I got nothin'.


HemlockMan said...

I will always accept any free comics sent this way!

I published yer pome, man! Yer famous!

Mike Dobbs said...

Gee thanks Mark!

BonzoGal said...

I'd like one, please. I enjoyed the last one. Thanks Mark and eeTeed!