enough with the cheese!

Fresh on the heels of hemlockman enlightening me about casu marzu (which is apparently known to the everybody in the world except me, if the amount of google returns is any indication) comes this news item about the horrors of bathtub cheese.

Whatever happened to art?

Lately this has turned into a working cartoonist's blog with no art on it. All (nearly) of the art I have done lately is for publication elsewhere so I can't really post it. But I think it's OK to post Franky's hand here, since it can only entice readers to buy the August Nick Mag and find out why Franky is holding a garden hose! The suspense must surely be killing you!

I also have old unpublished stuff that I mean to dig out and post here, especially a comic that was originally done for Runaway that caused quite a brouhaha (sp?). But dear old Daisy Dog is quite old and quite blind now, and requires a lot of attention lately.

So - enjoy the fist of Franky and say a prayer for Daisy. Unless you're an atheist, in which case maybe you could send money!

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Kerfuffle said...

I recommend that the rest of you Athiests try saying a little prayer, anyway, just in case Someone IS listening. It can't hurt you, but it might help Daisy.