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HemlockMan said...

I love Apu. One of my favorite characters from The Simpsons (who, I am sad to say, overstayed their welcome in my life).

When the Invisible Girl (Woman...whatever) eats stuff...isn't it invisible, too?

Does that mean that her dookey is invisible? If so, think of the tricks she could play!

Jed said...

This has always been an interesting question. Is there an aura of invisibility around the invisible person that invisibilifies things like dirt? The invisible man must get naked to be fully invisible, so this aura must not extend to clothing. For the invisible girl this apparently extends to clothing. I imagine that all food consumed is contained in the invisible container of the the invisible flesh. In this way we might imagine that dookie, when exiting the body becomes visible. However, if we don't assume the invisible aura, proper hygene in general would be essential.

Then their is the question of dead things. What about hair, nails, and dead skin cells? At what point do they become visible? This would again suggest the invisible aura, but in the case of the invisible girl, this would have to extend all the way out to the ends of the hair, and what about the mass of an up-do? How far would the aura extend and if it's just stuff that is imbedded in the flesh, what if her skin were penetrated by a knife or other object? How about her spouse in the act of penetration? How about dental work, such as fillings or caps? What about knee implants or other surgical implants? A pace maker? Saliva?

Mark Martin said...

I am of the opinion that anything in or very near the invisible person would be in this field that is warped out of sight. Scientifically I don't think the food in the tummy gag would actually work. But it's an old standard, part of our common language of sight gags. So common, in fact, that I am ashamed I painted it.