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Voice Of Reason just stumbled across this old letter I wrote 4 years ago. Why he has a copy of it is beyond me! I don't trust that guy! Snooping around, archiving my important correspondences, doubting God, correcting everybody's grammar... He's a MENACE!

I'm sure we got a response from the USDA but I don't know what happened to it. It was just a form letter anyway, so phooey.

Jabberee Molly brings up a good point about Grizzly vs Jet Pack! At first I thought it would be a pretty crappy comic if they just stand around immobile and trash talk each other. But a novel about a guy who's trapped inside his melted useless body SOUNDS like a bad idea, until you read Johnny Got His Gun. So I'm kinda liking the whole idea of these 2 powerhouses frozen to the spot in their cumbersome war suits, venting and swearing until, exhausted and frustrated, they tackle cerebral and exestential matters. Like how are they going to pee? They can't go in their suits!


HemlockMan said...

HO HO! HO HO, I say!

Cheese that cannot move on its own? You, sirrah, have obviously never heard of:

Casu marzu!

HemlockMan said...

Oh. One more thing. About doing it in their suits.

This is actual quotes from an Apollo astronaut:


RHoward said...

I can't help wondering why you blanked out your address at the top of the letter but not on the "respond to:" line below. D'oh!

Mark Martin said...

I didn't!

I'm not sure what's going on there. No doubt the Voice Of Reason is behind it!