thank you, kind british subway rider!

So this gal gets on the subway at about 10:00 am. The one with the "novelty" mylar balloon and her friend. You see at least 2 or 3 groups of people dressed like they are going to a party or a prom riding the subway during the day in London. It's the goofiest thing!

I commented to the girl sitting next to me "Dang, I wish I had my camera! I'd love to put that on my blog!" So the kind rider says "Here, use my camera and I'll email it to you!" So I did, and I thought that would surely be the end of that, but dadgum if it ain't here!

I asked the party gal if she was going to a bachelorette party or what??? She said something about it was all her girlfriend's something or other - something that she thought explained why she was riding the subway at 10:00 am with a novelty mylar balloon, but it was all babble to me. Then I asked if I could take her picture and she said "Sure!"

Regarding Ellingboe, the subject of the Project Grizzly Everything:

I sent him and Paul a link to Jet Pack Man and said Jet Pack Man and Grizzly Man need to duke it out. Here is his reply. Feel free to let him know who'd win such a contest by commenting here. If you're in the mood, of course.

(Ellboe, after Paul said something about them teaming up to fight bears) :

I like it, except for the fact that it demonizes bears... They have a hard enough time already.
Of course, we could cut out the middle man and make Jet Pack Man Jet Pack Bear, and that would solve all our problems. I think there should be a mini series comic book of Jet Pack Man vs. Grizzly Man.

Grizzly Man's power would be an invincible suit (very much like the Juggernaut's), but his mode of attack would be to have a helicopter fly him and drop him into the action, whatever that may be. For the most part, Grizzly Man's special power lies in fighting against bad bears, and reserves his powers to fight them exclusively. He is a good guy.

Jet Pack Man would be that nerdy guy that Mark e-mailed us about yesterday. He'd be a villain that Grizzly Man has to constantly stop. Grizzly Man is oft forced to take leave of his post of defending the northern frontier from bad bears in order to foil Jet Pack Man's plots. Jet Pack Man is arrogant and feels superior to Grizzly Man, because his suit is technologically advanced. Jet Pack Man is a bastard.

It's a beginning.


BonzoGal said...

If the girl with the balloon said "Hen Party" or "Hen Night", that's the Brit way of saying "Bachelorette Party." The wang balloons are a traditional part of that.

HemlockMan said...

That guy with the anti-bear suit is a bearophobe! When will we learn??!!

That crazy bastard spent six figures on that stupid suit. Have you ever seen video of the dude wearing it? He can barely move! I hope he was able to recoup his investment.

I don't see how the Jet Pack dude could fight the Grizzly Suit dude. It would have to be in a kind of dive bomb attack, which would be suicidal. And the Griz Suit Guy would likely survive it. My money's on the Suit.

UK chicks! Interesting.

molly said...

It is true that Jet Pack Man could not harm Grizzly Man because of his awesome protective suit. However, Grizzly Man can't really move, so Jet Pack Man could just fly circles around him, dizzying Grizzly Man until he fell to the ground, unable to get back up without the help of his 3 assistants.

This truly would be the trial of the century, as Jet Pack Man cannot take flight on his own...