forced to live together!

I thought this book (50 cents at a New Hampshire junk shop!) was just another cheesy boring soft porn novel with a great cover on it. In fact it is another cheesy boring soft porn novel with a great cover on it, but not JUST.

I have since learned that this groundbreaking book and its author pioneered the whole genre of lesbian pulp fiction and the book has sold millions of copies. Well I'll be durned!

It's amazing what kind of tame stuff got people all hot and bothered 50 years ago.


Jed said...

This IS a pretty awesome cover, and cover number one rocks much harder than the cover topside. I miss all those gorgeous pulp paintings that were eventually replaced by over-rendered images of Fabio, and eventually really bad photoshopped stock photos. I also love all my old Gold Key comics with fully painted awesomeness on every cover.

Ok, maybe this is obvious and I'm just once again pointing out the obvious and my obvious PCishness, but these were very important cheesy novels! These cheesy novels served to make a whole hell of a lot of people who felt really alone feel a lot less isolated--a genuine artifact of another side of the civil rights movement. Yay.

HemlockMan said...

Heh. The initial cover is much hotter.

molly said...

You really should have warned us that this is NOT work-friendly... You could get me fired for this offensive smut.

I agree the original cover is way better -- just look at that cougar officer! Rawr!!

Mark Martin said...

Western Mass! You could get fired for NOT reading that book.

BonzoGal said...

There's a bookstore in San Francisco that sells only pulps. It's called Kayo Books. Sadly, they're "collectors items" there and very expensive, but it's still fun to go in and look at all the lurid covers.

I love buying these at thrift shops and library book sales- having them on the shelf makes guests do double-takes. "Wife for Sale"? "Tales of Nymphomania"?!?

slatts said...