time capsule

I'm cleaning out the oil room this week and I unearthed a box full of old artwork, including some posters I drew on the back of concert posters from Gardendale Civic Center when I was a teenager. I have no memory of how I came across concert posters for Gardendale Civic Center. I also have no idea who these bands are. I guess they were local bands. Maybe Benny knows some of these people.

I'll show a couple of the posters I drew later, but first I'll season the skillet with this image of the original poster, in all its clumsy glory.


Benny said...

I remember River! The girl flute player, Libba Walker, is still playing, and is as hot as ever. She and Glenn Butts do a duo that will blow you away. Not only can she sing fantastic, but her fluting to funk type rhythms is something else.

HemlockMan said...

WOW! You had a chance to see Cozy and River both within a week??!! DAMN!!!