time capsule 2

I have never been comfortable or competent at drawing horses. I remember challenging myself to draw a bunch for this poster. They're actually not too bad, considering I was just looking at pictures and drawing them. At the time it was against my lofty principles to trace. I guess this is slightly above average for a teenager, but I was hardly the Artistic Genius I must have thought I was when I packaged up this poster and others and shipped them off to Hallmark Cards for review.

The only thing missing from this poster are the unicorn horns and the dolphins! Oh yeah, and the glowing spheres. But the coronas around some of the horses' heads almost suffice.


dogboy443 said...

WOW! Nice equestrian acid trip.

eeTeeD said...

what did hallmark say?
i just deleted a big long thing i typed about a certain comic book artist that planned to steer me into a career as a greeting card artist.

nevermind. off topic.

HemlockMan said...

That's pretty darned nice, Mark. You were just a kid?! Hideous colors, but I can see where girls would really dig that.

Jed said...

What an excruciating and monumental effort for a teenager! I would never have had that much patience. It's an odd mixture of kitsch and just darn weird. This is something that Damien Hurst might have painted as a teenager!

The Hallmark people couldn't have encouraged this.

i remember when any art job seems like the light at the end of the tunnel. A--please save me from my angst and adopt me as one of you, sort of thing.

It makes sense that yo chose Hallmark. As I recall, there wasn't much direction for kids seeking art as a career. Guidance counselors weren't equipt for that. "Drafting" seemed to be the option most discussed. That or "architect". Comics was just silly talk.

dogboy443 said...

I was steered towards the whole drafting/architecture path. Even though I didn't go in that direction, it did help with discipline and drafting techniques.