more lesbian pulp fiction, sort of

This is similar to the groundbreaking lesbian pulp fiction I found back in June. But it's not entirely fiction.

I bought it at a flea market for the cool cover, and again wondered if it was some marginal forgotten soft porn by some marginal forgotten author. Turns out this guy has an interesting history just like Tereska Torres, and - well, just read about it if you're interested. Read this too.

UNlike the Torres book, this one has some actual lip-locking. And PICTURES! My lesbian friend is gonna love this one! She spends her days writing boring catalog copy, and greatly appreciated the sleazy escapism of Tereska Torres. But she agreed with me - it needed more punch!


HemlockMan said...

Cool. She burned down a convent.

Benny said...

How do you "crown" someone's "love"?