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How do you "crown" someone's "love"?

It's like that old butter commercial, where they'd eat the butter and get a crown. Or smashing a chapagne bottle on a ship. Or throwing a football through a tire swing. It's symbolic. It's a metaphor for boning her.

Have you ever posted "Everwonderland"?

As a matter of fact - it was in that box of old crap! It's still fun to look at. But it is SO DOUGH-Y! The dough kills me!

To those who don't know: The Everwonderland poster was created in 1982 to illustrate the 39 services of the Birmingham Alabama Community Chest / United Way. I'm not sure what they actually did with the posters. Gave them out at functions and stuff I guess. Benny, if you send me a photo of the one you colored (or scan it) I'll post it.

The original art was in there too. It's superclean and gigantic, if anybody wants to buy it. Don't make me beg.

Click to embiggen. Pepare to scroll.


Jed said...

I suppose I have to be the first to say it:

Doughy Shmoey!

This looks gorgeous. And fun. You had a different style then, a little tighter and more rendery, but I don't know about doughy. You need to look at this kind of thing as if it wasn't you that did it.

Jed said...

I remember those butter ads. Those were real weird. It was another one of those perplexing ads, like the Dove ads, where you find out that Dove isn't actually soap, because soap leaves a sticky film on you that WON'T rinse away. Apparently after a few run-ins with soap, you end up with these layers of sticky sediment all over your body until you start looking like Vincent Price in The House of Wax, and the only way to remove it is to scour yourself with Dove.

Or those sexy but barely subliminal Almond Joy and Mounds ads. I always remember Lawrence Welk pimping those, and who could resist?

Or Irish Spring, which is an Ancient Chinese Secret. What was that even about?

Does anyone remember those stop drop and roll, safety messages on Saturday mornings by The Burger King, back when there was still an actual King?

Benny said...

I want Everwonderland. You don't have to beg.
I don't get this "doughy" thing, unless you're talking about your Harrison Cady roots showing.
Maybe your mindset has changed because society is so "lean and mean" these days. Except for the fat people.

molly said...

Really great poster, Mark. It's so intricate and busy, but yet organized and so clean. (that's right, I said the "O" word)

I like how the hare got distracted by the hot topless bunny there... That's the real story!! Great stuff.

greg said...

Looks great! Despite how you dis a lot of your older work, everything I've seen you post falls between amazingly super and super amazing.

By the way, Mark, as an artist, you should have a bigger monitor if you have to scroll to see the whole poster.