my gift to you!

Perfectly tile-able plaid graphic, swiped from the plastic backing that was on the baby bib. If you're a graphic designer / photoshop artist like me, you know how handy this can be. Click to embiggen, download and save for a rainy day.


HemlockMan said...

I'll hand that right off the the Scottish tailor when he does my next set of kilts.

Chuck said...

You can also use this as a desktop wallpaper but you may start eating on your monitor, which isn't really a great idea at all, so forget I said anything.

mike Lemos said...

Duude! Haven't you ever heard of copyright laws? I am so ashamed! And why is it your word verification usually makes some sort of offensive statement? For instance, the one below that I'm about to use to post this comment is imuck? what's that supposed to mean?! "I muck" or is it "I'm uck"??
What kind of blog is this?