Why do I do this?

Here's one of those embarrassing old commercial print pieces I promised. I discovered Krazy Kat in my youth and have always been a huge fan of that and many other great comics. * So what's up with the dough-y look? Everything looks dough-y! And check out that dinosaur - I hope Steve Bissette does not see that!

I could go on and on, but why bother?

Advertising & Art Council was actually a small advertising agency. The name sounds like some sort of advocacy group, and caused much confusion to many, and brought many bizarre and interesting people through the door.

* added later - My point being, you'd think somebody who loves Krazy Kat and Melvin Monster and Marie Severin etc etc would SEE that he is drawing dough-y! I guess everybody does this, finds an old diary or something and wonders "what was I thinking???" But I think it has a more powerful impact on an artist who was drawing so blatantly dough-y, and this has caused me to wonder how things that I am drawing today will look to me in 20 years. I predict they will look like shit.


HemlockMan said...

That's actually nice work. I like it, despite the anatomically incorrect apatosaurus.

You've got to like a city like Birmingham, Alabama. In the midst of the Bible Belt, it has a tremendous monument to the Pagan god, Vulcan!

SRBissette said...

Nice Doughosaurus, Pumpie.

BonzoGal said...


Jed said...

I concur with Hemlockman.

Chuck said...

Great, now I think my stuff is dough-y.