hey, it's me again, again!

More on the bird:
That bird is one of three parakeets that I bought at a tag sale for a dollar, in a Parrot box. The other two are complete. The one in the Wednesday post photo is missing his tail and his feet.

According to this dealer, I got about $100 worth of birds for $1. Too bad that screech owl was not in there, huh? Look at the price on that sweetheart!

The box also contains painting instructions for several different kinds of birds, a couple of the weird paint pallet things (used) and some other interesting stuff. I'll try to take some photos and post them later.

Scroll down near the bottom of the dealer page and you'll see a couple of small scale "ELM Toys" bird kits. I had about a dozen of those things when I was a kid. They are really small scale, only a couple of inches high including the stand. They were about 39 cents each back then.


"Bla bla bla... Give the gift of grouch and a hardy bah humbug to all of us who feel crushed and beaten by the cajoling commercialism of Christmas... bla bla bla..." (see last few days' comments for unedited version)

In the words of Our Leader Captain Picard: "Make it so!" If grumpiness is like comfort food to you, by all means, grumble away!

"Did you use autotrace on illustrator for the backgrounds? Or some sort of filter? They look a little too photoey for my tastes, but I like the turtles."

As Benny will surely confirm, I too HATE photoey! That is not illustrator, but it is photo collage run through a series of photoshop filters. It's still a work in progress, remember. I intend to paint over it. But I'll probably never be 100% happy with it. You have to make some artistic negotiations when you are working against the clock. I'll never love that thing as much as I'd love a true painting that I could lavish oodles of time on, but I think I'll get 97% happy with it.

"I'm very happy with iVolume. And you?"

Me too! I have noticed one or two songs that somehow did not get adjusted, but out of almost 2,000 that is all I have noticed so far.

"Is the pew rack functional? Got it tacked to the wall with hymnals and comic books contained within?"

Vintage paperbacks! I'll take a pic. Someday...

"how have your goals as an artist changed over the years? which goal changes are you happy with? which goal changes do you regret?"

Lordy, where do you get this stuff? I guess those are good questions to ask a disciplined successful artist, but I'm too flighty to have meaningful goals. I guess the only goal I have really stuck with is to make a living doing something I enjoy, preferably doing some kind of visual art and design.



HemlockMan said...

Bravo! You used the toys for that which they were meant! Not as collectibles, but as something to play with!

eeTeeD said...

you should not show such things.

the collector in me always wants something new to collect!