plumpy'nut / ernest e. king

I just saw one of the obligatory Thanksgiving day "feed the world" spokespeople on C-Span talking about Plumpy'nut. I thought he was saying PUMPIEnut! So naturally I had to learn more, since I am Pumpie and I sometimes draw a talking peanut. Alas, it is Plumpy'nut, but still an interesting thing to know. The guy on C-Span described it as a modern miracle.

I'll also go ahead and answer Hemlockman's question about the Drawer of Evil Children. His name is Ernest E. King and I can't find any more info on him. But while trying to find more about him, I discovered that there are buttloads of copies of this book available out there.

Maybe eeTeeD has some info on the mysterious Ernest E. King...


~ tOkKa said...

-->>> ..Pumpie pimpin' Plumpienu ??


Hope the day was well with you and yours and elephants.


greg said...

I love his drawings, but he does like angry eyebrows. Even his elephants are pissed!

eeTeeD said...

no luck, i'll keep looking, but i doubt i'll find any info on him.