Why does work have to be so WORKY?

Actually, only once or twice a year does my day job load get intense, and I actually have to go the extra mile for the team. I can't complain. I'm a lucky guy!

So anyway, I did not finish the Barack EveryThing, but I'll post a small chunk of the Design® marker "underpainting". This is not my standard practice - I don't really have a standard. But it's pretty typical for an EveryThing that I'm taking to the upper level. I'll sketch it out, then add some dark marker hilites, then some lighter color fill-ins, then more dark, then light, back and forth. I like to build colors up like that. Even though a lot of it gets covered by paint, and often paint of a different color. There's a lot of orange, pink, purple and a little bit of blue under all that ebony.

Here are a couple of links you really should check out:

Jed's Alternative Press Expo report. Go Jed!

Here's an interview with Prohibition Party candidate Gene Amondson, my new cultural hero. I think he'd make a horrible president, but like Shooby Taylor or Divine, he's a fascinating character. Here are some of his surprisingly good paintings. And his PIE BOOK! I bet Obama would like that! Look around in his website for all kinds of interesting things. And remember - BOOSERS are LOOSERS!



Jed said...

Hurray for laying off the sauce!

But it's just so easy to manufacture. Lemonade is only slightly easier to make. It reminds me of those people that propose to put a ban on saturated fats. Where does it all end? No more Catholic communion? No more Rum Raisin ice cream?

More power to him I say!

And thanks for the plug. APE was indeed a good time, if a little stressful. Having my wife there helped.

I also have a new wordless strip, topside:


HemlockMan said...

I actually heard Amondson on NPR about a year ago. A silly man, yes, but quite dignified in his silliness.