eeTeeD said...

happy new year to you.
hope you hade a merry xmas.
how were your holidays spent?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> that make - up really does wonders for her complexion ..

Sorry, forgot my acquaintances

Happy Auld Lang Slyme.


HemlockMan said...

Why Ellen Degeneres and the Fed-Ex Guy?

And a rootie-toot-toot to you.

Mark Martin said...

Why Ellen - this is from a card I drew for a friend who went to the Ellen show with the Fed-Ex guy

How I spent my holidays - quietly. It was so great to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

What did YOU do?

HemlockMan said...

I slept. A lot.

Wrote. A bit.

Not much else.

Chuck said...

Thanks for the card and the sketch, Mark. I really appreciate it. I hope you and your family have a happy and safe New Year as well.

dogboy443 said...

Damn, I didn't get a card and a sketch. Damn man.