merry christmas

Enjoy your holidays!
New jabberous posting will resume on 01-05-09.


Mark Martin said...

email from hemlockman:
"I can't comment at your blog. I've tried, but nothin' works. Alas!

Go figure. Maybe it's just dumb ol' blogger acting up, or possibly it has something to do with the ice storms??? I've been having all kinds of trouble with email etc the past few days.

Well folks, if you can't comment, it ain't because I've changed the settings or anything. Hopefully it will clear up soon. I miss you so much!!!

Thanks for the insight, Bob.

HemlockMan said...

Now it works!

Ah, computers!

To matters at hand:

Those folk definitely robbed you. The least you should do is let them know that you caught them. I did that with a photo that was taken from one of my websites--a photo I took of the mountains called "The Bubbles" in Acadia National Park in Maine. A nice hotel was using the photo on their website as their principle photo. I caught it and wrote them a nice email asking for payment of some sort--even free lodging.

They took the photo down.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Ach .. well ..

Gut Yontiff, Pumper !!

♥ ♥


Anonymous said...

very special card! (climate gets changed ;-)